Stoked to be part of the Dear Seattle film series premier at SundanceTV HQ this Tuesday #LoveLetterToSeattle @VisitSeattle
Thanks to @NissanUSA for having me and all the fans for coming out to see the #NissanKicksReveal! Pretty stoked abo… https://t.co/z6hy1igTwx
Thanks to @NissanUSA for having me and all the fans for coming out to see the #NissanKicksReveal! Pretty stoked abo… https://t.co/Fult3BfWow
@BYE_Jenifer The code is active until midnight tonight!
Use code Delong15 to save 15% on your entire purchase! https://t.co/ECUG9VmNux https://t.co/sPLkSIgjEr
I casted my vote, now go cast yours!! https://t.co/d7KhrFZqcp
Submit your designs for the @SockItToMeInc Design A Sock Contest before 9/30 for a chance to win $2, 000! https://t.co/MC5VaMu4FD #DASC17
@rickyreed wanna get down on some West African polyrhythms?
Stoked to judge the @SockItToMeInc Design A Sock Contest again! Submit your design before 9/30! https://t.co/MC5VaMu4FD
Hey LA stoked to play @SunstockSolFest tomorrow!! I hope to see you there @ 8:40 on the Gold Stage!!!!
Mixed Reviews, the band
how often do you find the break that a kick sample is from?! #inphase https://t.co/87VN5XAYlo
See you in the future, @SunstockSolFest! #TheFutureIsBright https://t.co/9HTu8r6FBX
@neiltyson remember the time I met you in an elevator in NYC?
I have a few surprises for you tonight, NYC! Come to @TheSeaport for a FREE show. I'm on at 8pm! https://t.co/ZAY9kjM0YV
@twentyonepilots - when you play a show that's not all ages do you change your name to "21 and over pilots"?
Never would've predicted that the guy with the catchphrase "you're fired" to have such a high employee turnover rate @realDonaldTrump
RT @kflay: if this scares you, you don't have to look at it - wise words from @DeLongMusic
#DJDougieJones @SHO_TwinPeaks @Kyle_MacLachlan @DAVID_LYNCH
Got a jury summons in Denver but I live in LA, does that mean they pay for my flight and a sweet 5 star hotel?
https://t.co/jmsVRk9ufC circa 2009
NYC - 8/3 - FREE! - #SeaportSummer https://t.co/i0zgh6nqq8
I'll be in Cleveland this August for @BRF_Cle! https://t.co/ifJp4HkU1p https://t.co/IotnvOt07a
Spoiler: there are #MorleyCigarettes in @SHO_TwinPeaks this week.
Come down to Occidental Park, Seattle, I go on in just a bit!!
@ThatKevinSmith I stood in front of you at @flyLAXairport @TSA security. You gotta get #TSAprecheck. So do I.
I'll be in SEATTLE for @MLS first-ever #SummerBeat on 5/27! https://t.co/sogtnT2x9q https://t.co/aFmjTmD83d
LAX and Disneyland have a lot more in common than you'd think
Stay fresh, my friends. #sofresh #freshtilldust #thebigfresh #freshfresh #excellentfreshness #bedbathandfresh #johnnyfresh
@UnitedAirlines tried to make me check my backpack today. For real.
Wow bob wow
"Was that starcasm?"
@FoxNews - reporting on the big issues https://t.co/UmZyh18zuG
See you soon, Chicago! @tasterandolph!!! https://t.co/jZkPl83Ys6
New Song of the Month! Check out "Anymore" on my SoundCloud! https://t.co/kBkyZpOrzc
https://t.co/dbkYGK01B7 #lusine @ghostly this shit is fresh https://t.co/dbkYGK01B7
Ursula K. Le Guin for president... @kflay
ºººHow it feels to be something on... https://t.co/aJlP4NKdqf
Happy Earth day --- thank your local solar nebula that congealed into our home about 5 billion years ago!!
RT @recordstoreday: HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY! #RSD17 https://t.co/t8GSXcXUzK
The Postal Service gets three times as much radio play as it did when the record came out 15 years ago
Yo, Minneapolis, anyone down to paint faces on Saturday- hit up rdlfacepaint@Gmail.com or direct message https://t.co/pyneDxBZ19
I limit myself to 800 midi notes per composition. It's all the rage in Köln right now. It's called deca8 https://t.co/ZKp8q2PByN
Best thing about 2017 https://t.co/EsA2FRP11D
Chaos grows, order is lost.
been saying "Biting at the chomp" my whole life but the saying is "Chomping at the bit" This is like Shazam/kaazam for me
I've gotten four hours of sleep...should I stay up and just work until I die or should I take a nap in a movie theatre?
The only reason I'm making an album is to get more of that Szechuan sauce... https://t.co/hhX6Ld8owI
brostepping deep into the 22nd century https://t.co/1DFG69e57n
@kflay destroyed the @elreytheatre last night - also, dope lights 🚥🔦💡 https://t.co/qCi9NFtKjY
@MNDR "where will the techno go?" Me: "Techno finds a way..."
Who would win?! https://t.co/E5lv3vZ6ar
Still one of the best songs: https://t.co/EUIm7jOwrL
@hundredwaters when can we hear new songs?! I love #TheMoonRangLikeABell but i've listened to it too much...
I'd like to announce that I'll be quitting my career in music to pursue my true passion: college baseball. Sportzball4lyfe
Houston, wanna paint faces at Whatever Fest?! Hit up Heidi! @ Rdlfacepaint@Gmail.com first come first serve! https://t.co/e1fwFx0m4L
What's a song without a chorus?
@triplejplays thanks for the ❤️. Sending the ❤️ right back to you!
RT @triplejplays: .@DeLongMusic (Robert Delong) - Global Concepts [05:16]
See you in June, Chicago! https://t.co/M2us461CJq
@AcidJack_ found your t-shirt #RandomAcidMemories https://t.co/Fc9gH4SQ72
Can I put #BoardsOfCanada down as my religious affiliation on official documents?
You run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking Racing around to come up behind you again
Hey, happy #InternationalWomensDay EVERYBODY! - I think it's dope that our world is waking up, a little at a time -
Looking forward to playing @ID10Tfest in NorCal this June! https://t.co/HmIdrG5ZSk
can plugin-makers stop it already with the plugins that make noise while you're not using them?
Don't Be Tricked by George W. Bush's Cute Grandpa Act https://t.co/PdTAhUJpX3 via @VICE
Hi I'm Fred Blurst and this is my new super-group #TicklishGambino
I love it when for 1 min the Internet makes me think @NASA discovered a Dyson Swarm until I actually read the article
We all know @bag_raiders should have won the #oscar
Who says you can't get Legos for your 31st birthday? thanks mom! You know me well!
proof of a higher power - https://t.co/gQoLEi3miI
i opened my computer and my wii-remote was still synced to it from yesterday
Come hang at 1200 w. Florida Ave, Denver! I'm playing a tripped out performance DJ set in an hour!
#MLUSA 2017! https://t.co/dIyUM3RwC5
Need house and/or techno tonight in Denver, who knows what's up? I'd even settle for bpms above 130 at this point...
Now, unless you are @blink182 or @GreenDay, having roomy-sounding stomps and claps is a requirement for having an alt-radio hit
What's with "Z?" Cursive is nonsense
#LogicPro did something nice for us on this update! #recentPlugins @LogicProUsers https://t.co/U5nZctdrsL
RT @amazonmusic: The BEST!!! Thank you, @DeLongMusic for making our holiday party unforgettable 🙌 📷: Christopher Nelson… https://t.co/l9a43P1PH7
#MIAMI.. Head over to my Instagram for a chance to hang with me at the ultimate Sunday Funday! https://t.co/qSOZodFc91
Krust till dust
Happy new year to all, including my many friends and those who have had hung with me so many times they just don't know what to do. Love!
I like the feeling of long international flights, in that you are really floating outside of normal time. #26hoursuntilUSA
New #SOTM! Listen to "Eating The Old Me" HERE: https://t.co/05m0eWFAvB
Became friends with some fans last night...small world
That is the most fucked up 64kbps mp3 I've ever heard that loud...Thailand is dope
Come hang with me for xmas! At the @TheEchoLA downstairs at #theechoplex for my friends @TheWildReeds @cigbarbies and @ValleyQueenBand
New Song of the Month in the works! Sign up to hear it first! https://t.co/Ei8752EsTU
My favorite email I've gotten lately https://t.co/0TMeBwTDJt
Stoked to be back in SEATTLE for #SnowCapParty2016 w @thecolourist! Come drink beer out of ice glasses w us on 11/1… https://t.co/pOAbqJIqy2
RT @303_Magazine: You might remember him as the opener for Tears for Fears at Red Rocks. @DeLongMusic https://t.co/cbR3U3icHu
See you there https://t.co/stAgmzNdSJ
Alright last minute I'm running for president- #delong4pres
RT @PyramidBrew: All we have to say is #SnowCapParty2016 with @DeLongMusic and @thecolourist #insane #Seattle! Get your tickets here… https://t.co/G80ikPsrqd
For this month's SOTM I covered "Under The Pressure" by @TheWarOnDrugs! https://t.co/DRDm3clsCX
Los Angeles.. Last chance to win tix to my show on 11/18! The only way in is to win! Enter at https://t.co/0W2ImtBjj5 #USCvsUCLA #CLRivalry
@UCLAAthletics & @USC_Athletics fans, go to https://t.co/0W2ImtBjj5 & enter to win FREE tix to my show on 11/18 #USCvsUCLA #CLRivalry #Spon
New Song of the Month coming soon! Be the first to hear it by signing up on the mailing list! https://t.co/Ei8752EsTU
Friends in LOS ANGELES! Go to https://t.co/0W2ImtBjj5 for a chance to win FREE tix to my @CoorsLight concert! #CLRivalry #USCvsUCLA #Spon
RT @brookswheelan: The coolest of @pepsi to send me to #TheMeadowsNYC to bowl and chill with @DeLongMusic on his #dayoff: https://t.co/qjzYWVtT5v]
@UCLAAthletics & @USC_Athletics fans! Visit https://t.co/0W2ImtBjj5 to try to win FREE concert tix to celebrate #USCvsUCLA. #CLRivalry #Spon
If you're in the Denver area, come celebrate Halloween with me Day of the Dead style on 10/29! https://t.co/swsj6MtweK
You know you can vote early in most of the U.S.? Get info from @HeadCountOrg here: https://t.co/GmgQCjif38 #GoVote https://t.co/wggSvcfzdj
I'd like to declare today as the official @douglasbonarho1 @douglasbonar1 @douglasbonar @DougBonar day
RT @CD1025FM: FRIDAY @HighBallCbus pays tribute to David Bowie w/ a great lineup doing a mix of originals & Bowie covers - headli… https://t.co/nzkThmIXZK
RT @AustinRoa: My documentary is now live - help me retweet the crap out of this thing :) #roadtocincy @DeLongMusic https://t.co/klNot9GDZD
RT @HighBallCbus: At HB On the Rocks, headliner @DeLongMusic will play a mixed set of originals and David Bowie covers.… https://t.co/1jeQz5gRdP
Sign up for the SOTM: https://t.co/abbxANDaKf https://t.co/4s3Xb0gFdD
Heading to Seattle with @thecolourist for Snow Cap Party on 11/12! https://t.co/rB8avo6cZk https://t.co/rv8PZrelei
My hot-sauce junkie fridge https://t.co/50ToDddwfR
RT @NylonMag: How to punk ‘n’ spice up your life: Some of our fave musicians on what punk means to them https://t.co/XJpqC8wpeF https://t.co/89SEzKx5RV
Big thanks to drummer extraordinaire, @tuttleusa, for joining me on stage these last few shows and adding a new en… https://t.co/zFTmpepDvH
RT @Zelladay: @DeLongMusic face paint appreciation tweet. https://t.co/RSyt8BgvKr
RT @RedRocksCO: TONIGHT: @TearsForFears with @DeLongMusic #RedRocks75 Doors 6pm | Show 7:30pm https://t.co/zcIwY13XCg
My set will be streamed live today on The Meadows NYC Radio on @tunein, thanks to @Sonos. Going live at 2:00 pm ET!… https://t.co/OjvKTJRwj0
Tomorrow is the last day to send in your submissions for @SockItToMeInc Design-A-Sock Contest I'll be judging!… https://t.co/BwTQn9pA3u
Register to vote with @HeadCountOrg - text COUNT to 384-387 or click https://t.co/0W6eDO3X1q #VoterRegistrationDay https://t.co/Xprn542ElD
@ISO50 is the best
RT @1043theshark: Tickets go on sale this Friday 9/30 at 10am at https://t.co/iioayNbKxu #Sharkwrecked #Sharkwrecked https://t.co/2VnS8XrNOW
Interested in helping out with face painting at @themeadowsnyc in Queens NY?! Email: heidimariecallaway@gmail.com https://t.co/Jy7auwDJZ6
RT @AliciaAtout: .@DeLongMusic gives us the deets on some of his funny Tweets. https://t.co/j2IoPRATmz https://t.co/9wmwydG3JM
My new #SOTM is now available to everyone! Listen to "Paint Between the Frame" here: https://t.co/ybw8P4QKiE
1 DAY... Sign up for Robert DeLong's e-mail list: https://t.co/nm2Bbktj7V https://t.co/9KljlWtHeb
Happy Anniversary, #InTheCards! THANK YOU to everyone who has been on this crazy/awesome ride with me! 2 DAYS... https://t.co/aiOFx9epHw
3 DAYS... Sign up for Robert DeLong’s e-mail list: https://t.co/nm2Bbktj7V https://t.co/syPUD7Erwb
Passed this sign. #BongRecreationArea #exit340fourtwenty https://t.co/aSnnfT1gOQ
4 DAYS... Sign up for Robert DeLong’s e-mail list: https://t.co/nm2Bbktj7V https://t.co/cHESam5sLD
5 DAYS... Sign up for Robert DeLong’s e-mail list: https://t.co/nm2Bbktj7V https://t.co/p51nVkmgH0
Can an atheist be a #Freemason ? Asking for a friend...
Yo! I'll be judging this year's @SockItToMeInc Design A Sock Contest! Let's see what you got!!! #DASC https://t.co/jGIG9LdJHE
Ya I'm tweeting a lot today so what? Also, I made this, cool, huh? https://t.co/7ScuY6kQYt
#SuppositoryInTheDepository @ericandre
Day drinx in Denver @thirstylion https://t.co/gxN91jNTVz
Sick new collab with my dawg @MysterySkulls and @slowzmusic https://t.co/frZCcWXnqk
RT @rtgMKE: Stop by our Facebook page for an awesome shout-out video from @DeLongMusic. And make sure to buy your #rockthegreen tickets!
ATL is a bad airport.
Soundcheck lyfe https://t.co/7LbCDCQ9ji
I want the life vipfaq thinks I have...come chill on my yacht, dawg https://t.co/rNBgNFN5z7
everyone calls me "dad" on instagram, is it because of my shoes?
@UMEK_1605 is the happiest DJ alive
Just used @MinibarDelivery for the first time and someone who is coming to see me play at @RedRocksCO delivered my booze...dope.
RT @UTSA_RP: Can't wait for @UTSASOSA and @DeLongMusic to play at Howdy Rowdy Bash at 7:30pm #UTSARRDAYS #AllHandsOnDeck #UTSA20 https://t.co/OPXLQbIKRN
RT @99x: .@DeLongMusic has taken over our Snapchat! Go check it out! 👻 -> itswhatsnext99x #SoundCircus https://t.co/teVcyWMbqJ
Snapchat friends! Add @99x on snapchat (itswhatsnext99x) because I'm taking over RIGHT NOW!
What's safer a donkey or a horse?
Las Jersey is 4 💏ers https://t.co/mIP9uM7cyY
All my best friends live in Jersey https://t.co/HIkSbD7Gsg
FYI Detroit TSA is pretty skeptical about the @DJTechTools #midifighter
@Stranger_Things is like what would have happened if #StevenSpeilberg was hired to direct #TwinPeaks
RT @Q100Atlanta: .@DeLongMusic will be rocking our faces off at #SoundCircus in Sept! Buy your tix now --> https://t.co/zILnqZ5Inn https://t.co/iTiZMCb6Q2
Quick facts from Robert DeLong #34: being a politically active celebrity tweeter actually makes you a deputy scientist
It's a warm wave coming over you ...
RT @EARMILK: Arkells' "Private School" gets a booty shaking remix by Robert Delong [Premiere] - https://t.co/mva29TMo6m ... https://t.co/5aQnUBUrE4
RT @arkellsmusic: [PREMIERE] Private School remix from our boy @DeLongMusic via @EARMILK - 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 https://t.co/jejwHFbIwg https://t.co/1rMwILLPR9
RT @947fm: Inquiring minds want to know times for Birthday Bash! Doors at 11am each day! #tellafriend https://t.co/0LEIcCj3Qt https://t.co/wwsJn6awes
RT @AegLiveRM: JUST ANNOUNCED: @tearsforfears adds Robert DeLong @DeLongMusic to the line up for @RedRocksCO 10/3. Tix at @axs! https://t.co/YObfeBNTdv
RT @99x: #SoundCircus Tmw 10a https://t.co/BHXlQAvZJf @weareGTA @partyfavormusic @RobertDeLong @SickPuppies & @STARBENDERS https://t.co/E6Z7plLCR6
RT @Q100Atlanta: #SoundCircus Tmw 10a https://t.co/e30VY8nTAa @weareGTA @partyfavormusic @RobertDeLong @SickPuppies & @STARBENDERS https://t.co/HSUlr2XzYR
RT @LindseyStirling: Big shoutout to @DeLongMusic for producing "Prism"! Pre-order #BraveEnough now on @iTunes for an early listen: https://t.co/MIc7uWKSrC
Really diggin the new #MorningReport album from my Canadian pals @arkellsmusic. Highly recommend!!
RT @VertexFestival: On Saturday, @DeLongMusic's high-energy will start up Princeton Garden stage at #Vertex2016!https://t.co/GaCwkPAwql https://t.co/fV2y0SNsBC
why haven't i been using splice forever? @splice
Cheer up, the worst is yet to come!
RT @umusic: Drums x Vocals x DJing 🎵 @DeLongMusic truly does it all. We're completely blown away! #UMCWayhome https://t.co/O9ZbyHxxhh
RT @the_edge: Like a one man wrecking crew, #RobertDeLong brought it to the WayBold stage. #EdgeAtWayHome #WayHome 📷: @MBP_1 https://t.co/TPZRMuugsO
RT @umusic: Bet you didn't know these 5 things about @DeLongMusic 😉 Who watched his effing fantastic #Wayhome set? #UMCWayhome https://t.co/z0ziObzjXO
I'm in favor of man-buns, but in 20 years the #manbun will hold the same cultural significance that the #mullet does now
RT @cincy_music: One-man-band EDM sensation @DeLongMusic comes to @MyFountainSqr this Friday for a FREE concert with @YoursPlayfully https://t.co/CB2u9zIV9u
RT @Bkstg: Have your own @DeLongMusic inspired sound sample to share? Come Bkstg to enter for your chance to win a prize pack! https://t.co/OjBDhRCKXh
Wow Independence Day resurgence was like a bunch of special fx scenes that they wrote a non-script for in hindsight.
RT @rtgMKE: The #rockthegreen lineup has dropped! Limited #presale #tickets available now: https://t.co/FlGgDDj0wd https://t.co/oDBk4wrlQl
RT @Pemberton_Fest: Live from @DeLongMusic at the Pemberton stage!!!! https://t.co/TbXqg8Y2l8
RT @Bkstg: .@DeLongMusic shows us even MORE of his #gearbreakdown https://t.co/OjBDhRCKXh https://t.co/o6IpqYTNQE
@mcruss happy birthday!
RT @Altbuffalo: Tix for #ABBS are On Sale NOW! @DeLongMusic @RunRiverNorth @madeviolent https://t.co/VZpS2D83Zn https://t.co/WDUTPxH1va
Buffalo!! Let's party! Playing @Altbuffalo birthday show Sept. 8! https://t.co/7yGQeGgNjG
RT @Bkstg: What's your favorite piece of @DeLongMusic gear setup? Let us know and you could win a killer prize pack! https://t.co/OjBDhRCKXh
RT @Bkstg: Come Bkstg to check out part 3 of @DeLongMusic's impressive #gearbreakdown https://t.co/IgMBZFxltX https://t.co/53BgeyEPyC
RT @Do502: Get weird with @DeLongMusic on @BELLELOUISVILLE and do @forecastle #LateNight - win our #DoForecastle package: https://t.co/e0cUHFu3AH
RT @CD1025FM: .@HighBallCbus '16 details are here! Live performance ft: @DeLongMusic & plenty more! #highballhalloween #cd1025 https://t.co/tAtpoWGBRl
RT @Bkstg: .@DeLongMusic shows us his #gearbreakdown in a new vid in his Bkstg. https://t.co/p7vXW3bXB9 https://t.co/SHdcQCG7ve
RT @Glassnotemusic: .@thetempertrap and @DeLongMusic are playing @themeadowsnyc this October! Details at ---> https://t.co/rfANn60zK4 https://t.co/o9rhhZWdbi
RT @Bkstg: #TribeOfOrphans -Post a pic in your best @DeLongMusic face paint to win some swag here: https://t.co/g29NLN0E0d https://t.co/VufJLaZCIf
RT @101WKQX: #PIQNIQ #PIQNIQ #PIQNIQ #PIQNIQ #PIQNIQ #PIQNIQ #PIQNIQ #PIQNIQ #PIQNIQ #PIQNIQ See you soon! <3 @laurenoneil https://t.co/pUsYUFTRdr
RT @YahooMusic: No cause for 'Jealousy, ' we can all groove to @DeLongMusic's #Firefly2016 set right here-->https://t.co/Lu6I764vEd https://t.co/yKXHPjch61
See you on the beach, @BeachGlowFest! https://t.co/WmBbn2JoYh
RT @billboard: Robert Delong (@delongmusic) is taking over our Snapchat from #Firefly2016 🌀 https://t.co/wZWLO6XOMQ
RT @arkellsmusic: Night 1 @LiveAtFirefly - was 🔥. Thx to @DeLongMusic + Courtney Cox for helping out. 📷 @alana_swaringen https://t.co/xiuv8jOBQC
Who's going to Firefly?! We’re helping @StJude save children's lives with Music Gives to St. Jude Kids. Donate now: https://t.co/uJ8sza6VjM
RT @iamdiddy: Check out @DeLongMusic tear up Safeco Field on #SoundsByTheSound tonight at 8pm ET on @revolttv!! #VisitSeattle https://t.co/pEqj8lOxCe
RT @RevoltTV: .@delongmusic sings "Long Way Down" @ Seattle's Safeco Field. Watch more: https://t.co/IE0qbgB6AB #SoundsByTheSound https://t.co/6dOx8OraIj
RT @forecastle: Wll you be paintin' up for @DeLongMusic's 7/16 late-night show on the @BELLELOUISVILLE? ⚡️ https://t.co/NlHxtfdSxV https://t.co/DuhzDgkRBL
Remember @UnicornKid
Don't miss my episode of #SoundsByTheSound on @revolttv tonight at 8pm ET/ 5pm PST! https://t.co/DZgHE7DIji
Surprise! I've been added to the lineup for @BottleRockNapa Festival! I go on at 8:45pm! See ya guys there! https://t.co/mq25BbCvcO
the apocalypse came and went but you just got older
Providence! I'm playin tonight at @themetri. Tickets bought for the 4/4 show will be honored! 📸 @domenica_dillon https://t.co/gujuIDjBLK
Ayye MI! I will be playing this years @audiotreemusic festival! Tickets on sale this Friday https://t.co/vJ86QAkuRz https://t.co/hEuVp0iyqB
Thanks to @JustinTrudell for this show review with @XAmbassadors on 5/4 @FillmoreDetroit @HowWasItDetroit https://t.co/v6m9JH4s0B
I'm excited to share my remix of "Will You Dance" by @birdnbeemusic on their new album #recreationalremixes https://t.co/z6uDadSMRl
Kicking off tour with ma dudes @XAmbassadors tonight in Detroit. See ya guys there! https://t.co/62QyWzH8L4
RT @HondaStage: It’s a “Long Way Down” so let’s stay at the top w/@DeLongMusic on the #HondaStage https://t.co/2q7t4ZSb9C @LiveNation
Yooo I'm playing an after show for @BottleRockNapa Fest @TheUptownNapa on Sunday 5.29. Get tickets here: https://t.co/pAYloRhiXD #bottlerock
Hey guys follow me on Craigslist! #followforfollow
I'll be playing a @forecastle fest late night show on Sat 7.16 on the @BELLELOUISVILLE ! Tix on sale 4.29 at 12pm ET https://t.co/gFTCXYbH0v
Who is ready for #PinkMoonChella tomorrow?!
Thanks to EARMILK for the super-cool Coachella feature. You can check it out here: https://t.co/IAZ0k8MdNR
RT @CrystalCoast_NC: Announcing our first-ever #CrystalCoast Music Festival - 6/4 in Atlantic Beach: https://t.co/tRiiXcFugF #CCMusicFest https://t.co/5AXLVtraEq
I made a remix of @TheMothTheFlame 's "Young and Afraid" check it out here: https://t.co/BTwSDh3PBY
RT @Glassnotemusic: .@LAWeekly lists @DeLongMusic as one of their best of @coachella! 🙌🏻 Check it out here: https://t.co/2utOLW0asE https://t.co/ya5e17sPbU
RT @Glassnotemusic: .@DeLongMusic performed "Long Way Down" at @coachella with @LindseyStirling!✨Watch here: https://t.co/QRgE4SVFWq https://t.co/BFGOgfhAty
RT @billboard: LIVE on #Periscope: We're with @delongmusic at the @vegas #WHHSH party! https://t.co/Ztue34YLiX
Hanging with @CHVRCHES at the @91X @coachella house!! https://t.co/2Hi0unKuR5
RT @coachella: .@DeLongMusic ready to perform at Outdoor #CoachellaOnStage https://t.co/UNjsvMUobH
RT @KamasiW: Had an incredible time playing with @DeLongMusic and @LindseyStirling at @coachella!!! #theepictour #TheNextStep https://t.co/iPTruk4c58
Interview w/ @jason_bentley to kick off the day! #coachella #jasonbentley https://t.co/x1iKxIU8Wc
RT @Glassnotemusic: .@TeenVogue says @DeLongMusic is an "Artists You Absolutely Can't Miss at @coachella"! https://t.co/6zGsr4U6BV https://t.co/CE0WWeAxKZ
Hey guys! I'll be playing at #PIQNIQ 2016! @101WKQX https://t.co/daFGM1RmN4
Thanks @Pr0files for this great remix of Jealousy ! Listen on @EARMILK here: https://t.co/IqDHDIEk1x 🔊
RT @EARMILK: Robert Delong's "Jealousy" gets an irresistible electro tinge from @Pr0files [Premiere] @delongmusic https://t.co/wQULXD2v7Y
Catch me tonight in Indianapolis @ Deluxe in the @OldNatlCentre! https://t.co/8kZbguyAG1 https://t.co/IZcJEJ75zt
I'm playing @Pemberton_Fest in July on the epic British Columbia mountains! More info here: https://t.co/jkBK8K7avy https://t.co/3o8hUxSgKr
Tonight's show @ The Met postponed to Wednesday May 11, on sale tomorrow at noon. All tickets from tonights show will be honored on May 11th
@dnsLilly @intheaccord Yeah, you gotta be able to pick it up at the venue if you win!
RT @intheaccord: Want to win some free signed @DeLongMusic merch ahead of Wedsneday? Follow us & @exilemainst and RT this tweet. https://t.co/Ufna6lb300
RT @nprmusic: Check out @DeLongMusic's pitch-shifter/steering-wheel-joystick on this @kcrw session: https://t.co/JXXX2Axkxi https://t.co/0XvgGLRZbK
I think it's funny that both of my computers have to "Search for an older Mac" when Air Dropping.
RT @kcrw: Relive @delongmusic on @mbeKCRW via @vuhaus, face paint and all! https://t.co/QM3clrFqcY https://t.co/plaGK3pEqA
RT @MTVsoundtrack: ✨ICYMI: @DeLongMusic performed 3 songs on last night's ep of @MTVAwkward, watch it here: https://t.co/HCtk5GD7nl 📺🎶 https://t.co/XEw3S0mTqh
RT @MTVAwkward: Raise your hand if you spotted @DeLongMusic just now 🙌 #awkward https://t.co/xAq9s6UL9O
RT @MTVAwkward: He performs "Jealousy, Acid Rain, & In The Cards" at Sadie's bday party! #Awkward https://t.co/VIyBq79Qtl
RT @MTVsoundtrack: 🌟🌟 @MTVAwkward @DeLongMusic we CANNOT wait!!!!
Catch me performing "Jealousy" on tomorrow night's episode of MTV's Awkward at 10/9c! @MTV @MTVAwkward https://t.co/FOZ6uXeSet
I hear the mountains calling, I must go! Playing @VertexFestival this year. Get tickets at https://t.co/GKjng7nDpR https://t.co/soyZwI1bW5
RT @Glassnotemusic: Follow our @Spotify playlist + tweet us a screenshot to enter to win a #GlassnoteGrabBag! 🎉 https://t.co/bCLUiribCo https://t.co/iqgrzPkUpc
RT @MTVAwkward: One more #TBT: a perf by former @MTV Artist To Watch @delongmusic, in honor of his guesting next wk on #awkward: https://t.co/So3rmukZAV
.@Bkstg is now available for Android! Come connect with me and other fans: https://t.co/YBTdbtfeYN https://t.co/aDFXexOo8n
Upcoming tour dates! Get your tickets here https://t.co/ucSXVRZgEb https://t.co/GnnUTeFkCn
RT @kcrw: Have you seen one-man-band @DeLongMusic perform on @mbeKCRW? Relive it! https://t.co/N8Dhm24Mtm https://t.co/crxEjY4Icd
Whoop! Check out these dates. https://t.co/FctdSGMJYJ https://t.co/rvMd6CB7sZ
So excited to launch my new Essential Playlist on @Spotify! Follow for weekly updates here: https://t.co/paChKI9SkW https://t.co/xy0fz8xHuf
UTA that was too much fun!
RT @MoraOscar: #Soundcheck @DeLongMusic @rcf_audio TT+ @RCF_USA UTA Texas Hall https://t.co/T20GMUNdIk
About to chat on @UTARadio University of Texas Arlington radio - tune in, check it out...
Tickets for Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Michigan, Illinois, and Indianapolis dates are on sale now!!!! Tickets: https://t.co/ucSXVRZgEb
RT @intheaccord: Tickets to @DeLongMusic on April 7th are on sale NOW: https://t.co/sZ68Khg3Ps
NextGen Aviation Festival https://t.co/W2Zy0Qo3IO https://t.co/6rXqx0jFet
RT @stuAffairsUTA: Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! @echosmith and @DeLongMusic in concert! @UTATickets @utaexcel https://t.co/LXv06WjjQK
RT @VuHaus: Today's #SongOfTheDay is from dance-pop one-man band @DeLongMusic. Take a Look at "Possessed" from @KUTX. https://t.co/CsqyvxhF47
Visiting the @FMKirbyCenter in @Wilkes_Barre_PA April 2! https://t.co/s7b0QavFAP via @TLNews
RT @GiveMeInk: I feel like @DeLongMusic is the kind of guy I want to party with
So enjoyed showing thejasonbentley my setup & performing on @mbekcrw! Thanks for having me @kcrw… https://t.co/QHEQMKz2BM
Tune in now to @KCRW's @mbeKCRW to hear a live set from me! https://t.co/uPO4cXYoaz
RT @kcrw: .@DeLongMusic getting ready for @mbeKCRW (hint: he's got a special version of Long Way Down in store for us) https://t.co/ClhMZKninH
RT @kcrwkramer: Make sure you check out @DeLongMusic today on @mbeKCRW @kcrw at 11 .. He puts on a amazing show. @Glassnotemusic https://t.co/gdJYVWaHCJ
Get excited - I'll be performing on @kcrw's @mbeKCRW this Wednesday! https://t.co/qExkSb48mP https://t.co/5UKbPeccfV
We are currently on the longest stretch of highway in America with no exits -
Tune into @KCRW's @mbeKCRW March 2nd with @jason_bentley where I'll be doing a live set! https://t.co/IVs8f4n5Po
I performed a few songs on air for @KUTX and now you can check them out! Listen here: https://t.co/qExkSb48mP https://t.co/bdDmwAygLY
Tonight at @StateTheatre_FL https://t.co/FctdSGMJYJ https://t.co/LHSDKwBpn0
RT @StateTheatre_FL: We're so excited to see @DeLongMusic w/ @coloursfl tomorrow night! Tix are still available, don't miss out!
RT @Hunterivera18: Can't wait to see @DeLongMusic at @LiveAtFirefly in the Woodlands this summer. Who do you want to see? #Firefly2016 https://t.co/zA95EbwDBx
Some good 'Long Way Down' artwork right here. https://t.co/lgN55jfFBp
RT @OrlandoThrills: Live music by @DeLongMusic & @coloursfl this Friday (2/26) at @SocialOrlando. 8PM show. Tickets $16 & up. https://t.co/FaXFsJLcNm #Orlando
Be sure to watch my live version of "Jealousy" thanks to Honda Stage! Check it out here - https://t.co/MCZGSw9xJU https://t.co/eIYn9DYT87
Thank you all for participating in my #JealousyContest! The contest is now closed and my lucky winner is @ShelbyRena97! DM me girl.
@ShelbyRena97!!! Congrats!! You've won! DM me with your info!
#NewMusicFriday What should I listen to today guys? Hmmm.
TICKETS ON SALE NOW - The VHS Tour 2.0 with @XAmbassadors https://t.co/FctdSGMJYJ https://t.co/moZdi3O6QW
Who is your favorite Star Trek character? #ihopeitsnotneelix
@Pilot_Paradox Thanks! You gotta comment on actual Youtube to be entered tho ;D
See post below: I'm choosing a winner Monday 2-22! I will DM you. You must retweet and comment on the @YouTube video with #JealousyContest.
RT this post & comment on my vid: https://t.co/1sG4ChjtmY. One commenter will win this joystick! #Jealousycontest https://t.co/osAUWIIHjY
Soooo, who are you guys looking forward to seeing the most at @coachella this year? ;)
Check out this new video of "Future's Right Here" live for Honda Stage here - https://t.co/MCZGSw9xJU https://t.co/GZ5QW5js99
I'm very excited to be joining @XAmbassadors on select tour dates! Tix on sale this Friday: https://t.co/9zBTDkiYnw https://t.co/Q98Paf6Ueo
What's your favorite part of the new Jealousy video? Check it out - https://t.co/nkSIOtiTtA https://t.co/6bhs9NaybS
RT @XAmbassadors: We've added dates to our VHS 2.0 Tour 🙌 https://t.co/Ob002WVg19 @DeLongMusic @SavoirAdore @sarahartman https://t.co/iWIdGJSAXv
In case you missed #LexusNightOut last night...catch it here! https://t.co/FyEQokTP3n
Yo LA and NYC friends...I'll be on KCAL at 11pm and WCBS at 11:35pm playing a tune and talking on #LexusNightOut ;) https://t.co/v7xkkE0jSa
What number am I thinking of right now
I'm now on @Bkstg - a new app where I can connect with you guys! Go check it out: https://t.co/lfk4PTRp6l https://t.co/aTnmNTy1DV
Feb tour kicking off this Saturday in sunny so-cal! https://t.co/ucSXVRZgEb https://t.co/IpoZi7ffzj
RT @CBSNewYork: Don't miss #LexusNightOut, Saturday Night on CBS2. @HostEricaOlsen @AndraDayMusic @ShamirBailey @DeLongMusic https://t.co/fapIkuX61X
Have you seen the new video for Jealousy yet? Watch it here - https://t.co/nkSIOtiTtA https://t.co/3bnNZcAGQK
Walla Walla, where can I buy dominion in your city?
RT @StatesidePres: Make that a sweet @DeLongMusic giveaway! So excited for the show! https://t.co/qxBO2HlN5V
RT @stinkweeds: ticket and free stuff giveaway time!!! the fine folk at @statesidepres and @glassnotemusic have… https://t.co/zTBKjouHi7
Playing with some great artists at @wayhomefestival this summer! On sale Feb 16th: https://t.co/btKGgGHYb5 https://t.co/eMkDGW2aKP
There's a new video for my single Jealousy! You can check it out here - https://t.co/nkSIOtiTtA https://t.co/LqjpmfD5Pa
Yo yo everyone #DeLongQA has been real, sorry I couldn't get to every question, I will try in the next few days to piece-meal sum answers
@WCAR50 last night I saw baio, I go to 1 million concerts a year
@dnsLilly yeah, lots of times at airports
@makeshifttorch I wanted to make the vinyl special, it's a totally different album experience I think
@henry_ray14 I've been the last three years in a row!!!!! Might have to skip one to keep people around ;)
@WCAR50 high in the hills of mt. Washington
@MalletedHeathy Thai food duh
@KirstenAnne1 Australia is the dopeness, hope to get back REAL SOON
@sadiemeade218 I'm gonna get a tattoo today
@lukehagan66 where we're going the song is track number one on the just movement vinyl!!!!
@mynameismorganx luv meeting fans ! Being awake is tiring, hi fives are always good
@sadiemeade218 existence ? Hard to say, need more data
@dnsLilly real real fresh
@punkassbutch "I'm thinking it over" "dope sauce" "every beginnings another middle that's someone's end"
@rocketpengwin I love collars send me yer jamz
@atbull95 ya ya I love Nashville!
@mynameismorganx nice guy, drum instructor
@GabbatronPrime habanero , but Siracha is acceptable for most pizza
@Noa_Jay good times with your new tribe of friends - party music community - face paint friends for life
@chrisbryant303 yeah, skiing :) :)
This is where I'll be answering your tweets from...starting.......now! https://t.co/FOxqWPEpDW
I'm starting my Twitter Q&A in an hour! Start sending in your questions using #DeLongQA https://t.co/B8U4TsTXqv
Tomorrow I'm doing a Q&A for the launch of my single Jealousy! Begins at 2 PST + submit questions using #DeLongQA https://t.co/UmXBD61fXu
@AdamJLoeffler you going to music school or what?! ;)
@AdamJLoeffler yeah, nice glitching! Great drumming, too, and some serious SYNTHAGE
@AdamJLoeffler DUDE. Awesome job! What grade are you in? You won the talent show right?
@galacticnax Jedi
Seamless @FourTet : https://t.co/1gF0Mty9uX
What's your favorite song on In The Cards? What are you guys vibe-ing to the most?
@DeLongMusic He deleted his tweets :_( "I am your OG and I will be respected as such" -Yeezy
Rooftop shoot for cbstv with the new homie @shamirbailey. Check out this dudes music, it's 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/artKn77yqL
RT @VARIANCEmag: Robert DeLong (@DeLongMusic) has recruited emerging duo @coloursfl for his upcoming tour https://t.co/Gxe9ft0MVJ https://t.co/TXyCbjMD4E
@Shane_Lucas =D
RT @robertd3: Pretty amazing day shooting with 2 @coachella 2016 artists @ShamirBailey & @DeLongMusic - catch 'em only on CBS 2/13 https://t.co/Ye4gJwAib7
@rythionic Most definitely!
@abigaiIpetersen magic
#preach #KanyeWest https://t.co/jI2VuwZWgT
FEBRUARY 2016. NEW YEAR. NEW TOUR. NEW SINGLE. https://t.co/aRDdurqaaG
RT @wickesgirl: Cutting it fine but here are the tracks I've loved and listened to over the past year... #hottest100 https://t.co/69FFEmLzjM
"Say you won't, then say you will Fabricate what I should feel Drink your disco, take your pill Tell me, are you even real?"
@Delong_Updates lol the line.
@Noa_Jay Happy Birthday!!
RT @GigsSacramento: Ready to rock Orangevale? @DeLongMusic at The Boardwalk on Feb 13! https://t.co/Ivyt4YMqEl https://t.co/4LfSRUPMZD
RT @LiveAtFirefly: 🙈🙉🙊 #Firefly2016 *daily lineup subject to change. https://t.co/puCNTdwSFa
RT @Glassnotemusic: Check out our new "Festival Season" playlist on @Spotify ft @CHVRCHES, @DeLongMusic + more: https://t.co/8rGSkOKagD https://t.co/8hZqzRrFMJ
@Mooshues Hey girl, heyyy. What's good?
Just drove to chino hills to buy a ticket. That's how that works, right?
Watch five songs from my performance at @VarsityTheater via @YahooMusic here: https://t.co/mN2CPLP6vR https://t.co/iIhAJy3qli
RT @Glassnotemusic: Relive @DeLongMusic's performance from @VarsityTheater via @YahooMusic here: https://t.co/kLCi1WikV2
@HeyYouRhi That's so exciting! Congrats!!!
...far. Tell me, what are some of your goals for the year & have you been keeping them?
Hope all of u are having a great 2016! I'll be going on tour soon & am booked at some amazing fests, it really feels like a great year so...
@Kylee04 ;)
@shustermamaa So much talent! Thank you Gabby! Love seeing unique versions of my songs! SICK.
RT @colemanhell: Check out this interview me and my tour dawgy @DeLongMusic did with @x1029 https://t.co/s5TlCUSzq4
@lextuxten @colemanhell tba... ;)
@A_sack2 @KatieMowgli i see you
@Delong_Updates xoxo
@mayerpapayers See you soon!!
RT @GigsSacramento: What are you waiting for? @DeLongMusic coming to Orangevale on Feb 13. Tix still available! https://t.co/PQ821PtnMN https://t.co/xLXgxbzRwb
Go listen to a Bowie album, and enjoy! What a legacy of amazing art to leave the world...#DavidBowie R.I.P https://t.co/doyLjQHdv5
In good company at @420fest #420Fest Passes: https://t.co/qIRuzePDbb https://t.co/xPSmxbh1ny
@lennendetrick #goals2016
For all of you tech heads: https://t.co/x9cTUNdWd9
So excited to be playing @coachella this year...see you there! #Coachella2016 https://t.co/wmV7bNsgbU
Thanks to @TheEDMNetwork for including me in this article about unique instruments in EDM! https://t.co/TGhGNPlnwa https://t.co/CY2WI3SPtf
RT @TheEDMNetwork: Thinking outside of the laptop: the most unique instruments in EDM https://t.co/GMQBzta5rh https://t.co/fXOWJYvmGL
This mix is so dopeeeeee: https://t.co/xF2LKPar14 Get spacey......
"Long Way Down" is featured in @thepointsguy's trailer for TPG TV! Check it out here: https://t.co/XDinnY6uVA https://t.co/EoDbBjbHXC
RT @Glassnotemusic: 2015 is almost over! Send us your photos of our artists on tour using #Glassnote2015 - we're making something fun! https://t.co/tJldJZoetg
@vinylmnky :_)
RT @AliciaAtout: Video Interview: @DeLongMusic talks guest vocalists, nerdy qualities, and Mario Kart sheets. https://t.co/kpbfkWTicC @Glassnotemusic
@v_chiasson I'm everywhere... o_O
Thank you Nikel Darko. #fanart #loosenotlose https://t.co/7OrN6udqDf
RT @Glassnotemusic: Send us your photos of our artists on tour this year using #Glassnote2015 - we're creating something special! 😀👍📸 https://t.co/KzSfi2T0q3
.Thanks to @VinylMnky for making In the Cards their record of the month! https://t.co/kcKJJFRsmH
Will the real @BonarDoug please stand up?! @Themowglis
@DeLongMusic #loosenotlose?
Thank you Nikel Darko. #fanart https://t.co/9mJwE51bJh
Getting excited for @945thebuzz's Buzzfestivus with @CHVRCHES this Friday! Get tix here: https://t.co/mz36TcraL3 https://t.co/eS7hRtl4G7
2016 is going to be a good year. Tickets on sale tomorrow! https://t.co/ucSXVRHFMD https://t.co/LACI7x0fL3
@matthewchinn https://t.co/ucSXVRHFMD
Taking over the @TheStageNM Friday night! https://t.co/OZoa0SDt8b
Support Education! https://t.co/FUxkeDChWU
My thoughts are with @nardwuar today!
@GabyValentin15 @merhannah Looking good!
RT @Radio947: Set list for #ElectricChristmas #Sacramento @bastilledan @ColdWarKids @DeLongMusic @SaintMotel @MarianHillMusic https://t.co/U2PCJBWGA0
Thanks for rocking out to my music on @Spotify this year! Check out your #Spotify2015 here: https://t.co/XVbSFLB6i6 https://t.co/OVVLurujGW
I'm stoked to play #ElectricChristmas on Dec 9 in #Sacramento! Get tix at https://t.co/BEBURdCkkB See you there!
Post show pics from the @FondaTheatre on 11-28-15. Courtesy of @lapommedeterre at @FreeBikeValet ! https://t.co/1nSuO7HdJf
You still have time to get tickets to December To Remember at @CrystalPortland on Dec 13th before they sell out! https://t.co/hAl4o8wCRd
RT @MarkEOrtega: First saw @DeLongMusic at @sfoutsidelands in 2012 - my first music fest. Catching that part of what opened my eyes to why fests are great.
RT @CrowdAlbum: 90 SWEET @delongmusic photos @fondatheatre via @markeortega @iamtommyenglish @loganmoy @actasifmusic @nixie2124 https://t.co/V5k6mQMgzK
RT @ellenwoodEP: .@DeLongMusic Awes @FondaTheatre Crowd With Magical Performance https://t.co/O1uncQ2NC3 #robertdelong #musicreview https://t.co/8XtiteN3My
RT @krbronson: Photos: Robert @DeLongmusic's one-man storm Saturday @FondaTheatre -- gallery by @lamusicphoto https://t.co/j4CnUyWRaY
RT @Themowglis: When your band is out to dinner and your boy @DeLongMusic comes on in the restaurant. 👍🏼🎶🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸
RT @MNDR: Have you all heard the duet I did with Robert Delong calld #BornToBreak @DeLongMusic I will be singing w/ him this week in San Diego and LA
@henkxela sick!
RT @PopSanDiego: Don't miss the @DeLongMusic at Music Box San Diego on Nov 27! https://t.co/CZu1Kg0XdO https://t.co/WuWBogALV2
RT @LosAngeles_Gigs: 🎶 @DeLongMusic, Nov 28, Grab a ticket: 🎫 https://t.co/1to1dOft5X https://t.co/1WymnYm8cC
During my show on the 28th at the @FondaTheatre check out the roof for the first ever @Quiksilver x RDL pop up shop! https://t.co/lJnpzVuSWJ
RT @NW_Music_Scene: Show Review: Robert DeLong (@DeLongMusic) Puts on Quirky, Over-the-Top Performance for… https://t.co/AT7mlqORnD https://t.co/E42up9e8Oh
@1975olivianoel xoxo
RT @1037KNRQ: One of them... is... TONIGHT!!!! So stoked for this show!!! https://t.co/Ov2zKH8rYA
Don't wait up for me! There's only four dates left on my North American Tour! https://t.co/ucSXVRZgEb https://t.co/cawDpt8VPg
Check out my shirts from the quiksilver X Robert DeLong collection. They're sickkkkk.… https://t.co/MQNi5cXZav
Shout out to @barnesandnoble for the vinyl support! Happy #BNVinylDay everyone! #InTheCards https://t.co/ngfhv2eXOE
. @wearexylo @FondaTheatre Can't wait!
RT @Linaalf1: PSA: @DeLongMusic has more soul in his pinky toe than 90% of the earth's population.
@mirroredsie Can't wait to see u again!
RT @RoosterMagazine: #PhotoPit: Robert DeLong w/ Coleman Hell @ The Fox Theatre!! --> https://t.co/udTehLf9x7 https://t.co/metD1atmoH
RT @livenationwest: .@DeLongMusic talks his wildly inventive live show setup in this episode of #TourUpdate! https://t.co/4Svr0Jb22j https://t.co/4li3M6RKu0
RT @wearexylo: We're excited to announce that we'll be playing the @FondaTheatre on 11/28 with @DeLongMusic https://t.co/PO3wA1eXop https://t.co/z22YUgUGbg
I've got a plane to catch https://t.co/i8DODIDpzb
NOVEMBER 28TH AT FONDA THEATRE: https://t.co/PW6HtQnUtz 8pm – doors 830pm – Xylo 930pm – Coleman Hell 1030pm – Robert Delong 12am - curfew
Guess who's playing @LiveAtFirefly next year ;) https://t.co/RUTf980wVM
Nov 17, 2015 Robert DeLong at Lost Lake Lounge... https://t.co/asPuy9UVoA
@BYE_Jenifer YOU ARE!
RT @SanDiego_Gigs: 🎤 @DeLongMusic concert tixs for Nov 27 at Music Box San Diego in San Diego https://t.co/JO6M6hNEbD https://t.co/PFv7U2PXHY
RT @SFelectronic: You can't miss it! @DeLongMusic coming to San Francisco (Nov 25). Get tix! 🎫 https://t.co/LfHg2hWBgl https://t.co/tn5x9R3hVD
RT @foxtheatreco: Who's ready for tonight?!? 11.16 @DeLongMusic @Delong_Updates @colemanhell --> https://t.co/DKxnolwfQZ https://t.co/YDYXljzcTU
RT @colemanhell: Excited to play the @foxtheatreco tonight with @DeLongMusic ! https://t.co/KfUIJWzhXI
RT @Dadiosradios959: @DeLongMusic can party! @965TheBuzz @Jeriney @Snowcone965 @hartzell965 @lazlothebuzz #BuzzFamily @samschierholz https://t.co/vK8BkFc4GH
In a press-play genre, Robert Delong is a one-man EDM band: https://t.co/ivuBv8LYO6 via @rvrb
Tune in NOW to my @VarsityTheater show being streamed live on @YahooMusic! https://t.co/6HCp7khup6 #YahooLive https://t.co/SHAJAPTBIv
Tune in now to my @VarsityTheater show being streamed live on @YahooMusic! https://t.co/6HCp7khup6 #YahooLive https://t.co/67zzyrqOXo
@965TheBuzz @Jeriney you coming out to the @MidlandTheater tomorrow night?!
https://t.co/sKJnvu5UQi #FlashBackFriday to 2013
Minneapolis! See you tonight at @VarsityTheater! Which song are looking forward to hearing the most??
@ChromeViola What is it??
Please keep Kaylyn Rose Summer & her family in your thoughts today as they continue the search! #maddecentboatparty https://t.co/NWJI1VZIVu
Catch my show live tonight from @VarsityTheater on @YahooMusic at 9:00 ET! https://t.co/6HCp7khup6 #YahooLive https://t.co/idUE7hfYpQ
RT @GigsKansasCity: We love how @DeLongMusic performs live, just watch it ==> https://t.co/xiQRlWhhbi https://t.co/NzOu1pTWt4
@Panicbabe23 @colemanhell :_(
@therave anytime!
RT @RedCurrentApp: We're going out tomorrow night, don't wait up okay? @DeLongMusic @VarsityTheater https://t.co/UAn2HytmUA https://t.co/7Q1vtbmtEn
RT @foxtheatreco: This Monday is the new Fun Day! 11.16 @Delong_Updates @DeLongMusic @colemanhell --> https://t.co/4mYwD0i4Aq https://t.co/TB0N3YHxBm
RT @themidland: RT for a chance to win a @DeLongMusic CD & a pair of tix to his show this Sat 11/14 w/ @rac & @bigdatabigdata! https://t.co/kiJcX6z9vK
Thanks for the sick feature @KansasCityStar ! Can't wait to play in your fine city at @themidland this Saturday!! https://t.co/qRIDnZ5YTV
RT @themidland: RT for a chance to win a @DeLongMusic CD & a pair of tix to his show this Sat 11/14 w/ @rac & @bigdatabigdata! https://t.co/kiJcX6z9vK
"10 Bands Crushing Right Now From Seattle" Thanks for the write up @MatadorNetwork ! https://t.co/M3nqDfZQBG
Stream my show live from @VarsityTheater tomorrow on @YahooMusicat 9:00 pm ET! https://t.co/S1yCZbp1dX #YahooLive https://t.co/y1AuMoTBce
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@GiveMeInk lol lol
@GiveMeInk no lol.
I just submitted my #RooWishlist! - Which artists do you want to see at Bonnaroo 2016? https://t.co/dAEri46Cga
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.@Quicksilver X Robert DeLong clothing collection available for purchase in stores now!! https://t.co/5jzQ2Uy5tC https://t.co/LJqwXhgzwI
Another shout out to Chicago! The crowd at the @metrochicago was incredible! Thank you everyone! @… https://t.co/KKX1sGpuzr
Chicago! I hope to see you all out tonight! If you're not going to @kendricklamar's show I better see you at mine at the @MetroChicago ! ;)
RT @JamUSA: TONIGHT! Robert @DeLongMusic at @MetroChicago with @colemanhell! Show at 8:30pm, some tickets available at the door!
Excited to be playing @945thebuzz' Buzzfestivus this December with @CHVRCHES! Tickets on sale Friday, info here: https://t.co/CPvyOSAS91
Vets vs Noobs. https://t.co/4NS6EcFxrG
@Daimen_PN Thanks man!
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Thanks for the show review @liveinlimbo ! https://t.co/bRoxoIEtLe
This #Halloween weekend! https://t.co/h7tzBTGhqL
@pugluvr64 work!
RT @billboard: .@omgRainMan gives @DeLongMusic's "Don't Wait Up" a bonkers dubstep remix (exclusive) https://t.co/UKA4AfHatw
@gurhurt85 Yes! I better see you guys in your costumes! It is #Halloween weekend isn't it?
It's #Halloween weekend! Whose dressing up for the @TownBallroom & @UpstateHall518 shows?!? I wanna see what ya'll are wearing! #NewYork
RT @BurlingtonGigs: 🎤 French Horn Rebellion & @DeLongMusic, Nov 1, Buy a ticket: 🎫 https://t.co/hxsNsaCHUK https://t.co/pSbvbYq34a
Head to @billboard​ to hear an electrified remix of "Don’t Wait Up, ” rewired by Kris "@omgRainMan" Trindl! https://t.co/uFNRAGUl5A
RT @justBreezies: Blinding me from the truth If there's a shadow in me The dark is a tidal wave inside of u @nattcity_ x #JD2Pictures https://t.co/EuzQQ6x1vh
RT @Go963MN: 2 weeks from today @DeLongMusic takes over @VarsityTheater - #NowPlaying on #GoTV https://t.co/jTru9vqIdB https://t.co/qWgBkhVUj2
@stevejpr @999thebuzz @HigherGround @powers802 you're never too old to get music.
@PatrickMcIsaac1 Thanks for coming out!
@TheSamChong dope
Thank you for coming out Stefanie, @BraveShores! Such talent! https://t.co/X93q0gXRq3
RT @BuffaloDotCom: Concert preview: @DeLongMusic comes to Town Ballroom, via @Altbuffalo. Listen, prepare: https://t.co/8IPcZ4XbIT https://t.co/EO7UB2E2D9
RT @Spotify: Peep @DeLongMusic's INSANE live setup & discover how he made the hit track, "Long Way Down" https://t.co/RXGuzJsxw9
Make Spot happy and enter this contest for #LaSalaRossa concert tix & more! (So what if it's #NationalCatDay) https://t.co/z3v4ROi9Pj
RT @floodmagazine: PREMIERE: @JamieDeVonMusic Remixes Robert DeLong's "Don't Wait Up" (@DeLongMusic) | https://t.co/7KC6kprio3 https://t.co/gDVk8fyCfv
Performed "Don't Wait Up" and "Long Way Down" for @younghollywood in the YH studio! Go check it out here: https://t.co/qrdwm6ghzg
RT @EmbracePresents: TONIGHT!! #RobertDelong plays @themodclub with all new music. Limited tickets available here: https://t.co/YwthrLe0bI cc: @delongmusic #RT
Kicking off my tour today in Toronto at @TheModClub with special guest: Stefanie McCarrol of @BraveShores!!! https://t.co/EgxO40wmUG
Today's "Don't Wait Up" @frenchhornrebel remix is up via @b3science! Check out the track and upcoming tour dates - https://t.co/fTQ7Qod6xq
RT @b3science: NEW! Premiere: @DeLongMusic - Don't Wait Up (@frenchhornrebel Remix) https://t.co/EPXjJTIe5Q https://t.co/FRtjcFRNdA
New "Don't Wait Up" remix today from @JOHNJCCARR! Go check it out over on @EARMILK - https://t.co/i3tpeXDzMD
RT @the_edge: His new single 'Jealously' could be about you if you miss @DeLongMusic at @TheModClub this Wednesday #TheDrop102 https://t.co/SlLTygHPFo
What do you guys think my setlist is going to be? ;) https://t.co/ba4iIq9WkV
Get tix while you can! https://t.co/OLPpUoBKpV
RT @greenlandprod: Alerte @DeLongMusic tout le monde. Live, jeudi à la Sala Rossa #Montreal cc @evenko @tixzas - Billets greenland.ca https://t.co/DgbriF8ihR
RT @Hits_And_Beats: #NowPlaying : Long Way Down By @DelongMusic Listen Live At https://t.co/fyhOBjsWks
Check out @JRJRmusic's remix of Don't Wait Up on @KickKickSnare! https://t.co/3gsvQF9fs0
Taqueria time
THIS OR THAT? https://t.co/08LZ1C9GQi
@BYE_Jenifer anytime ;)
RT @ConcertsInDes: 🎵 @DeLongMusic & Coleman Hell coming to Des Moines on Nov 12. Grab the tickets! 👉 http://t.co/wfWZl4kWTl http://t.co/YeW2DJX2JT
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RT @StAndrewsHall: Detroit! @DelongMusic has a special message for you... See him at #TheShelter on Nov 4th: https://t.co/rrPr66z22T https://t.co/fR0J6lPE2f
RT @atklein13: Robert @DeLongMusic is so amazing. I can't believe how many instruments he touched. #tableau #datanightout #data15 https://t.co/YO7nSmvHKV
RT @greenlandprod: Turn the volume up for @colemanhell https://t.co/FLqNlNbiWd Catch him w/ @DeLongMusic @ Sala Rossa Oct. 29 https://t.co/kVom8VHO3k @evenko
RT @1037KNRQ: Get your stubs b4 they're GONE! @DeLongMusic & @colemanhell on Nov 23rd @hifimusichall! https://t.co/CAsFV3Aivehttps://t.co/0AxjWYU5Jb
New photo. New album. New Tour. #InTheCards https://t.co/TOZmLeUXk7 https://t.co/ucSXVRZgEb https://t.co/86XzQ5uz5c
I haven't been to church in years, but I bet a mustached worship leader has changed the lyrics to that @Hozier song and is playing it now
This has been my jam today - space out, get groovy: Dd Hybrid@goa Excerpt by donato dozzy #np on #SoundCloud http://t.co/hWQbbm6McC
I feel like #Batman is always trying to quit in his movies. @BenAffleck, are you a quitter? @BatmanvSuperman
"When the feelings gone. Where do we belong. Are we in the cards or free. There are no differences to me"
@JadenStyles Thanks for being you!
RT @GigsInMontreal: Let's get ready to rumble with @DeLongMusic! Tix: 👉 http://t.co/YwiIHkS3sD http://t.co/FBM2lQaq3t
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RT @MrSmallsTheatre: One-man electronic mastermind Robert @DeLongMusic performed on @TeamCoco last night! Watch + catch him here on 11/3: http://t.co/5wT4DzS3P9
RT @Jaminthevan: It's here. robertdelong Jammed in the Van again, and there's no other word but #epic that can be used… https://t.co/eEjl93RPYn
RT @Jaminthevan: #JAMINTHEVAN X @DeLongMusic = MIND BLOWING https://t.co/SKJ6ny3VzX
RT @JRJRmusic: Check out the rad @DeLongMusic remix of "GONE" https://t.co/9aywklAw4a
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RT @Baeblemusic: .@DeLongMusic Wows On @ConanOBrien http://t.co/nNRRLzQF5Z http://t.co/19RSRakY6I
Today's the start of @WineAmplified! Favorite this post if you're going! #WineAmplified http://t.co/XTiRXJZ168 http://t.co/Hf1mpXYiqB
RT @TeamCoco: RT if you've ever been verbally harassed by a camel #CONAN http://t.co/rrt3fWYwal
RT @Much: Watch a performance by @DeLongMusic on last night's episode of #Conan: http://t.co/3RsbT3WQK5 http://t.co/zuYQeJQl7M
RT @sfoutsidelands: ranger dave remembers @DeLongMusic making the whole park dance. watch the full set on @go90 before it's gone: http://t.co/jfatiFSUHg
RT @realytcracker: @DeLongMusic @whoismrrobot hack the planet
RT @EmbracePresents: @DeLongMusic performed his hit "Long Way Down" on @ConanOBrien last night - http://t.co/WVDT3WJZHK See him Oct 28 at @TheModClub!
RT @Jaminthevan: Seriously, this video is 23 minutes of musical insanity... holy shit. @DeLongMusic
RT @Jaminthevan: At 1PM we're dropping that fire... @DeLongMusic GET READY TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN!
Everyone should stop being productive and sit down for 8 hours and watch the first season of #MrRobot @whoismrrobot
RT @TeamCoco: Robert @DeLongMusic is a one man neon band, playing “Long Way Down.” http://t.co/Trixj7oOJ0 #CONAN
RT @GRAMMYPro: #GRAMMYNYC talks art of combing tech & classic instrumentaion w DJ/ Sngr-sngwtr Robert DeLong http://t.co/byKsJ5LzdA http://t.co/WftS9VYmyE
RT @Themowglis: Our dude @DeLongMusic is bout to crush it on @ConanOBrien tonight! you wont wanna miss it. We'll be watching, Robby! https://t.co/PAjtDnaX86
RT @Delong_Updates: Who's Excited To See Robert On The @ConanOBrien Show Tonight!?! I Know I Am @TeamCoco !!! Who's Going To Watch? http://t.co/RnsJxaWEUe
RT @SadeASpence: @DeLongMusic dished on his affinity for using video games to perform his pop-punk EDM tracks http://t.co/Mbz76vFwxI http://t.co/3G9MPDbbqJ
Dope recap of good times in #houston last week with @945thebuzz at @cactus_music and the @rodryanshow, check it... http://t.co/KMskoWucca
Going to bed, getting some sleep for the Cone-zone tomorrow... @ConanOBrien @TeamCoco
Performing at @ClazelEnt with support from @colemanhell. Tickets are now on sale! http://t.co/Hi3gz9NDz3
Another great review from @Baeblemusic! Thanks guys! https://t.co/9y9fLFezb9
RT @Endimages: Had the pleasure of shooting @DeLongMusic @squamishfest Been listening to "In The Cards" on repeat since it dropped http://t.co/61M5xxtqeP
RT @ChicagoElectro: 🎵 @DeLongMusic & Coleman Hell coming to Chicago on Nov 5. Grab the tickets! 👉 http://t.co/bSWrr8RlbW http://t.co/Q1DZtF0aq9
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Keep it greasy, my friends
New Mexico! Tickets are now on-sale for my Dec 11th show at @TheStageNM http://t.co/Wg6de7JwZW
RT @younghollywood: Thanks @DeLongMusic for coming by and showing us your genius SKILLZ! You can get his album #InTheCards right now! 🎹🎶 http://t.co/dvljTBKMzo
About to bust into my new @UAudio #apollo8 interfaces - dope sounding live mixes starts with dope D/A ;)
I think #LAX might be the most dismal of American airports - am I alone in this?
So excited to announce that I'll be performing #LongWayDown on @TeamCoco next Wednesday 10/7 on #TBS...#DeLonged http://t.co/Z8YLTsGE1f
Me and the bird (he's a bit hungover) #toomuchtequila #bigbird @kxtradio http://t.co/j9WwQJMUZJ
#thespicemustflow #kwisatzhaderach
RT @1037KVIL: Playing "Long Way Down" right now with @delongmusic in the studio. So meta! http://t.co/o2B5ddi6Zw
RT @ConcertsInDes: 🎵 @DeLongMusic & Coleman Hell coming to Des Moines on Nov 12. Grab the tickets! 👉 https://t.co/YBbBgRT7CW https://t.co/5yunpMnCLt
Houston! See you in 40 min at @cactus_music !!!
Playing @947fm December to Remember concert! It's going to be a good winter. #dec2rem https://t.co/Ib5zG38UMS
RT @LaurenMix965: Had a blast with @DeLongMusic in studio! Check out me and @chadpittshow's interview! #LongWayDown #InTheCards >>> https://t.co/89SMnljHa6
"Whipping the audience into a near-frenzy during vigorous drum solos accompanied by guttural synths."-Review @thedbk https://t.co/9NkViHLHkA
RT @cactus_music: Hope you guys are stoked for @DeLongMusic in-store TODAY 10/1! Just pick up #inthecards for a wristband to party! http://t.co/hnEBo8t6Ml
Playing @cactus_music in-store tomorrow at 5:30pm with @945theBuzz, interview with @rodryanshow tomorrow at 8:20am! Good times ;)
Just landed in Houston - what should I eat?
If you want to support a good cause come (@pencilsofpromis ) down to the sayers club and hang with me and Mark of @fosterthepeople
Let's see those dope pictures you all got from festivals this summer! I saw you out there holding up the phone, so I know you have them ;)
Who want to come over and play #Dominion? @dominiondecks
RT @Baeblemusic: A Convo With @DeLongMusic: Incorporating Old School Styles with New School Electronic Music http://t.co/V7w9CTQrKG http://t.co/70JdB935sw
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Excited to play this cool event for @PencilsOfPromis tmrw with Mark of @fosterthepeople - check them out and donate! https://t.co/jZ8c5ewoZI
The whole album, not a bad answer...;) https://t.co/yu8VMaMlai
That song is only on the vinyl release (which has a totally different track order, 3 more songs, and other goodies) https://t.co/BPYovmsnOH
That's my favourite, too! ;) https://t.co/6ObC5PUbWr
Had a house party with @Baeblemusic http://t.co/OA9RhE1JpZ #goodtimes
Go vote for my song to stay in the top 20 on @altaddiction. http://t.co/bnzWT4GxOE
Thank you all for coming out to @uhalldc last night! https://t.co/L6dbyEEvXI
RDL fans start young! It was also this little mans first concert last night! https://t.co/MOyM5XB3L2
A little recap from @Bumbershoot! Check out the full vid at http://t.co/tFZQFXmfyy #Seattle https://t.co/RExKXhcr30
RT @nevona: so 💯 having @DeLongMusic at the @Arnoldworldwide offices today! #arnstagram http://t.co/nbJOYD8MyH
RT @uhalldc: SET TIMES for TONIGHT (early) @DeLongMusic​ 8:15 @OzkerSCP 7:00 Doors 7pm, $18, all ages. TIX: http://t.co/lA1OZOLsDE
@odesza and @flumemusic definitely inspire! https://t.co/8NENMyVVSO
Be there or be square! https://t.co/2luzVyAb3g
@SubtvMusic thanks for making me Artist of the Week! I had an awesome time with @Ivan_berry https://t.co/Zbo6FFdxJx https://t.co/IQFRu7Jyj3
Did a clothing collab with @Quiksilver that comes out in Oct! Check out this vid of me manipulating the graphics! https://t.co/bzeVJLDQQ0
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RT @HeatherVecsey: Post concert depression has me looking through all of my concert stuff. http://t.co/q9UJOPjENQ
RT @daprice98: Newest addition to my wall because I bought the vinyl @DeLongMusic http://t.co/YtKGoNHAmg
Check it out! https://t.co/O9xGcqp8uF
RT @Forgen: watched on #Periscope: Take a #BuzzFeedMusicBreak with @DeLongMusic! https://t.co/TuJP405WSM
RT @rocknrollwine: Streaming @DeLongMusic 's new album #InTheCards on Google Music. We can't wait to hear it live @WineAmplified #MusicMondays
RT @WineAmplified: Streaming @DeLongMusic 's new album #InTheCards on Google Music. We can't wait to hear it live @WineAmplified #MusicMondays
A big thank you to @wrrv for the good times and support. #InTheCards http://t.co/aGkGNpacgg
'Jealousy' from #InTheCards is up on New Music Friday along with some other great releases! Thanks @Spotify !! http://t.co/L0HDCgoi3w
#Germany Tune-in to @fluxfm for a weekend special! A song from #InTheCards is being played on the hour, every hour! http://t.co/olarIxtqO3
What are your favorites? #InTheCards https://t.co/uQlmHb34bQ
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'In The Cards' update: 'In The Cards' Available Now! http://t.co/QU9xcRqZxQ @PledgeMusic #electronic
See me set up my very complicated and extensive rig on @WIRED http://t.co/nZAJmQjF9k #InTheCards
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That's What We Call Love. Order on @itunes: http://t.co/9eK4TMd0gi Out now! #InTheCards https://t.co/MlOWIsDDSM
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@lauren_richelle Thanks! much luv xoxo
RT @bobisageek: @DeLongMusic ¡Fui tu fan desde el primer momento! ¡Felicidades por tu música! http://t.co/A81RyOi7DH #losescuchéprimero
@RDiringer Thanks man. You can order vinyl here: http://t.co/ECUG9VmNux
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Me talking about my gear with @WIRED! Check it out: https://t.co/PuqvjRt0F3
Pass Out. Stream on @Spotify: http://t.co/1kNQVfbQuF Order on @itunes: http://t.co/9eK4TMd0gi Out now! #InTheCards https://t.co/zLNwz8Ys7n
RT @Themowglis: Our brother @DeLongMusic just dropped a 🔥🔥🔥 new record. Check it out!! http://t.co/XRNYpt4Nxn
"In th Cards" is officially out - I think it's pretty good, you should check it out, dawggggg
'In The Cards' update: PRE-ORDER TO WIN SIGNED MERCH http://t.co/2Up6XnbRMG @PledgeMusic #electronic
'In The Cards' update: THE RECORDING OF: SELLIN' U SOMETHIN' http://t.co/3cIlfaUO0j @PledgeMusic #electronic
Future's Right Here. Stream the full album early on @Pandora_Radio http://t.co/gLBOneS7Tn Out tomorrow! #InTheCards https://t.co/WJ6V0SLtld
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RT @ConcertsInDes: Ready to rock Des Moines? @DeLongMusic & Coleman Hell at Wooly's on Nov 12! http://t.co/vRNwjl6T3v http://t.co/E9Y7QPGIar
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Acid Rain. Stream the full album early on @Pandora_Radio http://t.co/gLBOneS7Tn Out tomorrow!!! #InTheCards https://t.co/0TafKvQdeb
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Sellin' U Somethin' Stream the full album early on @Pandora_Radio http://t.co/gLBOneS7Tn Out in 2 days! #InTheCards https://t.co/MZej2hyVwV
Los Angeles! I'm on @1043MYfm's MY Music Challenge today! Boom! Vote here: http://t.co/223KOhZ3SK
Private interview, gear chat & performance on @SubtvMusic with @Ivan_berry Part 1 - https://t.co/Zbo6FFdxJx Part 2 - https://t.co/IQFRu7Jyj3
Possessed. Stream the full album early on @Pandora_Radio: http://t.co/gLBOneS7Tn Out in 3 days! #InTheCards https://t.co/BAFn4PQe1u
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