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Coachella 2016 kicked off in epic fashion out in the desert on Friday. From rising young stars, to “Back From The Dead” reunions, the diverse array of artists on the bill had a little something to offer everyone, and kept the surprises coming in the form of guest stars, tributes, and unexpected spectacle. 

The one-man dance-pop band that is Robert DeLong was a fun force to be reckoned with, alternating between four different percussion setups on stage, as well as pulling out other toys along the way, including angled keyboards, shakers, a synth-spewing Wii controller, and a joystick that, when operated, was like he was flying a fighter jet through a dubstep thunderstorm. “Don’t Wait Up” and “In The Cards” found him stretching out the tracks with live embellishments, often hitting most or all of his stations to add new sounds to the mix while a few thousand people danced on the grass. In addition to the toys, he also had guests, bringing Kamasi Washington out to slay on the sax, and violinist Lizzie Sterling for “Long Way Down,” as well as both of them for his last song, “Global Concepts.”

-Andrew Veedeer via buzzbands.la